Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Joy of Love Day 1

Two years ago for Christmas - the husband surprised me with a DSLR camera. It was one of the best gifts EVER... for one - it is just a cool thing to have and play with - but more importantly for me it symbolized him really hearing a budding passion I had for photography.

After shooting for several months - I found my passion was stronger for the editing side than the photography side. I love writing programs for Photoshop and just playing... this turned into editing for some photographer friends for their businesses...

WHICH in turn made me LOVE and have a renewed passion for photography... Which is where I am today. I have quickly outgrown that first camera and have since scrimped and saved to get a newer one with LOTS of buttons and loads of options... a new lens (or two).... a smoking hot camera bag (that would give a coach purse a run for it's money).... and now a passion to learn all I can from the technical and creative aspects of this craft.

I also have inspiration... I know you have all enjoyed and will CONTINUE to enjoy our families photos from the AMAZING KathyCole... who is not only our photographer but a really amazing FRIEND! I want to be able to capture the essence of the one being photographed... I always say a KathyCole photo doesn't just tell a story - it makes you want to know the people in it! (And, I was in NO way compensated for the KathyCole plug... however if she wanted to repay me in Peppermint Shakes... well, she knows where I live...)

Part of this venture has driven me to THIS class called the Joy of Love by Willette Photography. It's about learning how to discover those you love around you and document it through photography. SO, here's day one's assignment... Capture one you love DOING something... normal, everyday.

This, as you well know, is our Noah Boy... post shower... pre-clothes....in a stolen BEGGED for moment to play the Leapster. I love the lip pushed aside in contemplation of his next move... I love that he's so excited to play his game that clothes were not yet a consideration.... I love that he's so little on our big bed...
But most of all I am LOVING that this class is showing me how to capture these moments that in a busy day get lost... as this is one of the very things I love about being a mom and that all too quickly will be gone....
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