Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh My!

I knew this day was coming but really thought that it would be later rather than sooner...

We are about to transition the babies from cribs to BIG KID beds!

With Noah it was a piece of cake... like little Miss Addie - Noah leaned over his crib when he was about 17 months old and BAM fell out right on his head! Addie did the same thing this week while I was less than 3 feet away - getting some pants out of her drawer! She just leaned over and BAM....

I was nervous that Noah wouldn't stay in his bed and since the twins were only 2 weeks old - I was stressed that my little bit of sleep I would be getting would have yet another interruption.

The first nap time was a little rough - but he got the point quickly that getting out resulted in NOT such fun consequences...

And this is one of those times where I am going to say that the twin factor is going to amp it up a little...

TWO who are learning a new concept at the same time.

TWO who are in the 2's - and testing the waters.

TWO who can talk to each other and keep each other up.

TWO who LOVE to play together.

TWO who don't think the other should be sleeping in they are not sleeping....

And, since the only option is for them to share a room... we are going to have to tough it out.

So, I spent time this afternoon assessing the room to see the potential dangers.

Making a map of the new layout of beds, dressers, etc.

Making a list of the new baby proofing that will need to occur.

Mentally noting all the "toys" that need to find new homes for a couple of weeks.

And reading blogs and advise from other moms of multiples... which I must say was a MISTAKE as none of them had encouraging words....

And, adding this to my prayer list... which seems to be getting longer and longer as my kiddos get older! ~

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K-Mama said...

Good luck, godspeed, may the force be with you, bless your heart...can I say anything else to express my sympathy???