Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Sunday our Pastor spoke about what it means to amaze God.

He had me with this statement... I KNOW and BELIEVE that I serve and amazing God but where was he going with the "I amaze God?" I know that we are created in His image BUT we are sinful and have free will which makes my attitude and behavior more often times than not VERY short of being amazing.

Now, because I have lost my edge - I did not have a pen with me - so I need to get the exact scriptures from him... but they were in Mark and Luke. (Two amazing books if you ask me). I am pretty sure I have have right scriptures listed below... but check it out for yourself!

He went on to explain that there are only two times in the Bible where God was amazed. In two different towns with two completely different types of people. One was in his home town (Mark 6:1-6). He was with the ones he grew up with and his family. He was with the ones who should have known him the best and believed in Him the most. But the scripture says, "6And he was amazed at their lack of faith.

The second is in a town called Capernaum (Luke 7:1-9). There was a ruler who had a sick servant whom he loved. He asked his guards to go and get Jesus (the miracle healer) and bring him to heal his servant. Before Jesus even reached this ruler, he sent more people to Jesus to tell him that the ruler knew he was not worthy of Jesus and his home was not worthy of Him. BUT, that if Jesus would just speak the healing it would happen. At this Jesus said he was amazed by the faith of someone who did not know Him - but believed in Him.

Ever since the service I have been thinking... in which way is God amazed by me?

Is He amazed at my lack of faith. My lack of trusting Him completely.


Is He amazed by my unwavering faith.

I can't really say that I am in either camp. I feel my faith is real and that it is strong but how strong... I am not sure. In the day to day I lay things at his feet in prayer only to fall back into the traps of worry within hours or sometimes mere minutes after "giving it to Him". And at other times, I don't worry about things that maybe some would think that I should because I have a peace that my God IS in control and the outcome - no matter what - is His perfect will.
When I was pregnant with our son Noah, it was discovered early that he had a 2 vessel chord instead of the normal 3 vessel chord. It can be serious, it can be fatal. I was worried at first. I searched the Internet and read some medical books on the subject. I wanted to know what we could be up against and then I prayed that God would give me peace. There were moments - but they were few - that I was concerned... I just had a peace that Noah was never really mine and I had to trust that God would do with Noah what He needed him for. Everything turned out fine - Noah was and is healthy with no complications.

But my faith isn't always in that form and it should be.

I am amazed by our God and I want him to be amazed by me.

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