Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tired of the Fight...

So, our oldest is three.
Terrible Two's - we breezed through them and I think I got a little OVER confident about my parenting skills. If the past year was "terrible" I'll take it times 10.

Then it happened.

Noah was 5 weeks from turning 3 and all of a sudden...

The kid who ALWAYS goes to bed without so much as a peep - now cries and tries to negotiate a potty break, a sip of water, one more book, a hug from dad (which is the MOST successful plea I might add) or anything else that he knows will buy him a few more minutes with us.

The kid who has slept through the night since about 4 months old (of course there are exceptions for teething and illness) now wakes up at least one time a night scared or worried about where his mommy is.

The kid who used to at least try new foods will now sit for an hour refusing to eat something that he used to love. Not kidding, tonight he sat at the table from 6:30pm - when we all sat down to eat until 8pm when the timer went off for bed time. All he had to do to get down was take 1 bite of apple (which he has been known to eat a whole one and then ask for more) or one grape. He had already had 5 naked chicken nuggets and some milk but would NOT eat fruit.

I have pulled out all the stops, I am reading every book, I have tapped into all my mom and non-mom friends for advice...

And I am tired of the fight BUT I am not going to let go. I want a child who obeys and is healthy. I want him to choose to do right - not just because he is told so but because in his little heart he knows it is right.

I just started a new book - Don't Make Me Count to Three and so far - I can relate to the author (always a plus) and I really desire the outcomes she says you are sure to see. The book was recommended from a friend who I love and respect highly and she said it has helped with her 3 year old...

While I am tired of the fight - I will not give up. My kids are only 3 and 18 months but I can already see so much potential in who they can become. They are each unique and wonderful and I want to make sure that I teach them about God, about respecting others, loving others and being good people. Those four things will get them farther in life than any amount of money, any degrees they earn or any accomplishments they make.

Any fun stories, comments or suggestions are welcome! I love to hear it all!!!!

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