Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sweet Sunday Mornings...

There is NOTHING like a lazy Sunday morning... Unfortunately we have had too many of them forced upon us since Addie had RSV and is not allowed to go to nursery - which means mom is not allowed to go to church! We have really enjoyed our lazy Sunday mornings but will be back at church soon!

We are going to a BBQ tonight to watch Wade play at the night church. I didn't feel like dressing and re-dressing kids all day - so I declared a PJ day... and that includes me! It feels great... but Addie spilled and then Matty spilled - so we regressed to just diapers... then Noah stated that he wanted a "naked tummy too!" So, Noah is in his mini- tidy whitey underwear and the babies are in their diapers and there is NOTHING sweeter than seeing them run all over the place!

I couldn't resist snapping this pic of little Addie Mae sitting in her upside down chair... both she and Matty have decided that they like to sit in them this way better!

For everyone praying for Jett... keep praying! They had to remove about 1/3 of his intestine and he will be in the hospital for months - possibly 6! Pray for mom and dad and brother too! I will keep you posted but the family really, really, really appreciates all the prayers!

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