Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mirror, Mirror...

Last Friday night Noah decided to spike a fever of 105.3 - just randomly. Before you freak out - he is my high fever kid... he runs these ridiculous fevers and never has anything else...

SO, after Motrin, a HUGE sippy of ice cold juice, and a Thomas frozen boo boo pillow - I threw him in the tub. He couldn't have been happier... he could splash, play an sing in the tub for hours...

It was kinda relaxing - I was just sitting there with him watching him make believe with his cars and letters when out of the blue he said,

"What you hear?"

One thing you have to know about Noah is that he doesn't want you to answer - he wants you to ask him the same thing back... so I said,

"What do you hear?"

"Daisy barking."

I listened and sure enough Daisy was barking AGAIN. Our neighbors were moving out and had locked their vocal wiener dog in the backyard. Apparently Mick (the dog) didn't like being out there while his possessions were being boxed and moved... so he had been barking all day. Which meant Daisy had been returning the conversation ALL DAY.

My pink cheeked fever boy then said, "Shut up dumb dog" in a voice straight out of Poltergeist.

Shock mixed with stifled laughter made it hard to choke out the next words...

"Noah did mommy say that today?"


"Well, mommy shouldn't have said that today. That is not nice.

"Shut up dub dog not nice?"

"Yup, that's right. Shut up is a mean word and so is dumb. Mommy should NOT use those words."

"Mommy time out?"

"Yes, mommy should go in time out."

My kids are a reflection of myself. I am learning that what goes in is coming out and I don't always like what I "see" through his eyes...

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