Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This Week by Noah EggeBrecht

We're all finally feeling better at the EggeBrecht home! When the twins were asleep for their morning nap - mom and I played in the sprinklers in our backyard. At first I was not so sure about the water spraying me in the face but I got used to it. Mom squeals when I soak her with it on her towel! It makes me laugh and do it more!
Addie got all dressed in her bikini but never made it outside! About 2 seconds after this picture was taken - Addie let go and took 5 steps to mom. Mom kept saying, "No, No, No." I think she is losing her mind! Why wouldn't she want Addie to walk? I have so much fun running all over the place - I don't know why mom doesn't want her running everywhere too.

Here's sissy in her hoodie... She is such a goof. She loves to have her hood up and even pulls it over her face sometimes and waits for you to yell "Boo"!

We got a new "Auto Man" thing. I don't get it... it doesn't do anything and doesn't look anything like a man... but it is cool to climb all over. Addie thinks mom bought it so that she can stand up and hang out all the time now. Sorry Addie but mom bought it so that I can race my cars all over the top of it. I'll share sometimes but DON'T grab my cars!

We actually caught the twins playing together instead of wrestling. Moo Moo was reading the book to Addie...
Then mom got out my building blocks and ALL THREE of us played with them! Well, actually, I love to build towers and garages- mom calls me the BUILDER... Addie is the DESTROYER and loves to knock them all over and Moo Moo sits back and watches us do it all. Mom calls him the CEO... not sure I get that. At first Addie hurt my feelings and made me cry when she ruined my towers... but now I think it's funny to watch her knock them down. It makes all of us laugh!

AND, this is my NEW NEMO! Auntie Christine and Uncle Jake went to Disneyland (we'll talk about why they didn't take me another time) and got me NEMO stuff! I love it so much it actually makes me forget about my rat sometimes!

Look at those cheeks! Moo Moo isn't as heavy as we thought and WAY less than what I weighed at 9 months.. He weighs 22 pounds and is 28 inches long. He got a clean bill of health and has 5 teeth coming in all at the same time!

Sunday was Father's Day. I am still waiting for Kid's Day - I have a list of things I want. I am going to add a HUGE thing of cookies like my dad got! We made cookies for him when he and Papa were golfing. It was fun but I was NOT happy that I couldn't have any chocolate chips once they were in the batter! Something about raw eggs and a tummy ache... WHO CARES? Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for chocolate!

On Father's Day we went to breakfast and then to the pool! Whoo... an hour and a half in the pool is TOO LONG for me... made me tired and a little crabby.

I think it is funny to pat sissy on the head and say "nice" when she is in her cage... Mom says it isn't nice to poke fun at her... I better do it while she is contained... when she is loose - she is all in my business.
Today was a SAD, SAD day... Addie and Matty had to get shots - but that is NOT why we are so sad.... Miss Krystal is moving to Chicago and we won't be able to see her anymore. Who in the world is going to fix us and make us better now that she is leaving? I guess the good news is that when we are visiting family in the area - we have a WONDERFUL person who can make us better! I didn't go to say goodbye... I just couldn't deal with it... Mom says some people are in your life for a long time and others are in your heart forever... mom said it's hard to lose someone when you trust them with the things you love the most!

This shows you how special she is to our family...Moo Moo is SO picky about who he lets hold him and who he smiles for... see how special Miss Krystal is to him?

Well, I have to get off the computer now... mom needs to do research about how to open a business in AZ so that she can do her fun design stuff... it seems to have thrown her for a loop today... something about copyrights, trade names, and taxes... sheesh - I am so glad I just have to keep track of my hot wheels!

Love always,

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