Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Looking Back... by Noah EggeBrecht

Whew... what a month! I know lots of you have been wondering where the Egglet Update has been. I have had a hard time getting on the computer with mom because we have been traveling, been sick and been busy chasing Addie who has decided to try to start walking! Mom says it is too early for her to walk (she's only 8 months) but I think it is kinda funny! She chases me everywhere and tries to steal my toys!
May started with my birthday and a really cool party. All my family came to help me turn two! It was so cool. Mom and Dad decorated the whole house with Lightening McQueen stuff and had streamers on my bedroom door. This is me and my Nana at my party just messing around.

Papa EggeBrecht and I were trying to figure out my new remote control car! We had hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and cake! I would have been fine with just the cake but mom said something about protein....

Here's the cake and the goodie bags!

Addie hasn't changed a bit! She weighs in at 16 pounds still. Matty is 22.5 pounds. You would think it was the other way around - Addie is always on top of Matty Moo. He just giggles when she tackles him.

This is my new wagon I bought with my birthday money from my Great Nana and Great Papa. I love this wagon! Daisy and I like to play in the backyard with it all the time!

Here are my lizards. They live in our backyard and mom calls them wild. The big one is Pete and the little one is Penny. We feed them everyday. They love apples and lettuce the best but will also eat strawberries and celery.

We got to meet Levi Jack this month too! They came in from San Francisco and we met for dinner! Levi is cool... now Addie is WAY outnumbered.

Mom did some redecorating with the new Kathy Cole photos we had done. I am going to rename the family room the Kathy Cole Art gallery... It is really funny - Matty Moo loves to stare and talk to the photos... he doesn't get it that they are not real.

Oh - my favorite thing to do - play with my hot wheels... I love to balance them on the blinds. I think it drives my mom crazy - she finds my cars EVERYWHERE!

Addie and Matty got little high chairs that hook onto our table chairs and they LOVE them. It is really funny to see all of us up at the table eating at the same time.

Moo Moo has figured out that when he is in this chair he gets food. If you are not fast enough getting him his food he falls apart!

Look at these guys - they are always in it together. I promise to not let it be so long next time. We have swim lessons, movies, and play dates scheduled all summer - I will make sure to sneak out of a nap every now and then to send you some more pics!
Love always -

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Cindy said...

I love watching your gorgeous family grow. You are doing an amazing job.

I am also enjoying reading your blog--you continue to inspire me.

6 lbs WAY TO GO! (I might have found them )

Love ya,