Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This is what I get to see about 50% of the time for Addie's breathing treatments... doesn't she just look pathetic? Most of the time she is pretty good - but if she sees her brothers doing something that she can't - watch out! (For those of you just tuning in - she has a viral infection that has gone into her lungs and is making her wheeze a ton... they are thinking that she has asthma but don't want to diagnose too early or the insurance companies will start to get picky...)Actually - it makes me smile when she screams - the deep breathing with crying ensures that the meds actually get in her lungs! But, don't tell her that! Again - so thankful that this is just a sicky season and not something we deal with on a daily basis - parents of children with chronic things should get EVERY perk in the world - extra 15% off at all stores, handicap parking, free spa treatments... ok for the dad's out there - free golf... ha ha!

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