Monday, May 19, 2008


Since I have "retired" into my new job I am amazed at the amount of creativity around me. I have met so many moms who have an incredible talent and use as an outlet, a source of income, or just a blessing to others.

For example, my friend Kathy Cole... she is an amazing photographer who has two boys. When you hear about a stay at home mom who is a photographer honestly most of us probably think - amateur.... Look to the right on this blog - there is NOTHING amateur about her artwork.

Bella Inspired - only the most adorable hand painted CUSTOM letters. These things are so cute - they should be in a gallery and not just in a kids room... Again - Jessa (a friend) "found" her talent while raising the biggest blue eyed girl you've ever seen.

Other companies that I have come across but don't personally know them - Pediped, Sassy Bows, Bella Tutu... all the stories are the same. I find that when I am looking for a unique gift - I read the "about us" to see what their story is - who are they and how did they come to be.

I stand amazed at the talents of these women. I stand amazed at the work they put in for their families and STILL have time and energy to work on these amazing projects.

Lastly, I appreciate this outlet more now as a stay at home mom than ever. While it is the most rewarding job - it has lousy pay and very little recognition. And while the title of MOM is one of the most deserved titles, I think it is really cool when "Moms" define themselves in other ways that they enjoy outside of their kids.

I want to find my talent and use it. I want to have something else that can transcend time and be here when my little ones are off at college or married with their own families. I don't want to wake up someday and realize that while I was helping my 3 find who they are... that I have lost who I am on my own.

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Heather & Reese said...

I know what you mean about losing oneself among the hubbub of staying at home with children. I find so many times that I'm on autopilot, not even having a conscious train of thought as I do dishes, change diapers, do laundry, make meals, etc. I've begun to listen to podcasts and add some mind-stimulating reads to my "To Read" list.

I think also that as the kids grow a mom's activities and interests change. It's neat to see how the opportunities to express my God-given talents and interests grow with my kids.

I found your blog through Once Upon A Blog... we're having our blog made-over soon and we're so excited! Yours is beautiful, by the way.

Bless you!