Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Day in the Life with Twins

So many of you have been asking what a typical day looks like ... so I thought I would share one. I don't think it is much different from most mom's with kids this age - except for doing everything with a baby is double.
6am - I get up and shower. If I don't beat everyone up - I will NEVER get a shower.
7am - Matt and Addie wake up about the same time - I do diaper changes and dress them for the day. The hard part is getting them downstairs... with there being two of them and since they are still a little wobbly - I take Matt down and get him in his bouncer seat - then I run back up - grab Addie and a refill of diapers for the day.
7:30am - I get both on the floor on a pillow and feed them both at the same time - stopping once in the middle for burps. After bottles and burps - they head to the octagon for some baby fun!
8am - Make Noah breakfast. (Wade gets Noah up and dressed before he goes to work most days).
9am - Clean up the kitchen - unload the dishwasher - start a load of laundry (yes, everyday!)
9:15am - Move fussy babies to their swings while I get the stroller ready for our am walk.
9:30am - Out the door for our morning walk... it takes 15 minutes to load and situate everyone.
10:30am - Unload and get bottles warming. Switch laundry to dryer. Start a second load. Feed solids and bottles (This takes 45 mins)
11:15am - Twins whereever they are happy. Clean up the kitchen from their meal and start Noah's lunch.
11:45am - Noah and I sit down for lunch while the twins nap. (We do flash cards or other fun things at lunch - just the two of us!)
12:15pm - Noah goes down for a nap. (Usually sleeps 3 hours now!!!) Unload dryer and switch load from washer to dryer.
12:45pm - Addie and mom clean the kitchen from lunch and settle into a Bible study or some one on one time.
1:30pm - Feed Addie her bottle
2:30pm - Feed Matty his bottle
2:45pm - Clean kitchen (again!). Unload the dryer (again).
3:15pm - Noah is up and ready for a snack. Then Noah and I do one on one time while Addie is asleep. Matt usually hangs with us in his swing, seat or on my lap.
4:30pm - Feed Addie her bottle, clean kitchen and start dinner.
5:15pm - the maddness begins... Matt and mom have one on one time - Noah plays with his trucks and Addie is just fussy (she wants another round of one on one time!)
6pm - Noah eats dinner (if Wade is home - we all eat together if not - we eat later as noted)
6:30pm - Clean up from Noah's dinner... take all three upstairs for tubby time.
7:15pm - Wrap up night time stuff - Noah to bed. Feed both of the twins.
8pm - Head downstairs to eat with Wade. Clean kitchen. Make vat of formula for tomorrow. Pick up random stuff everywhere.
11pm - Feed Addie (She is smaller so eats less more often still!) Fall into bed already 1/3 asleep.
3am - Flip a crying Addie.
4am - Give a fussy Matt a paci.
5am - Give both of them a paci!
6am - Start it all over again.
Whew - I am tired! And, for those of you who are going to tell me to let them just cry it out - I would love to! I have tried many times but since they are sharing a room they wake the other up and when the two of them cry - they wake up Noah - so instead of just getting up and getting back to sleep - we have 3 crying kids on our hands! Even for naps - they have to be in 3 seperate rooms! Guess this is just par for the course with twins - what works with one baby will not work when you have two at one time!
I also try to do this so that Noah has some fun:
Mondays - ART
Tuesdays - Music (We sing and act silly)
Wednesdays - Nana's House
Thursdays - T-ball in the backyard
Fridays - Grocery shopping day will all of them - yes - all of them! :0)
Saturdays - fun with dad!
Sundays - Breakfast out as a family!

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Rachel said...

Whew! And I thought chasing after one was a challenge!!! Is it March yet? Let's get these kiddos together ASAP.
Keep up the EXCELLENT work Mommy!